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Sara Hansen

8 Great Recipes for Prime Rib Sauce & Toppings

With the December holidays fast approaching and the meal planning beginning for the family/friend gatherings, one main course option that might be in the mix is prime rib. Smoked prime rib is a popular choice for many special get-togethers.

Sometimes referred to as the “king of beef cuts”, this extremely tender and flavorful option is a great way to show off your outdoor cooking prowess. Even though the meat’s flavor can hold its own, there are some great sauces and toppings for prime rib that you can serve on the side and can help enhance the flavor even more.

In this article, we’ve done the web-crawling for you and put together 8 great recipes for prime rib sauce and toppings you can choose from.


Sauces for Prime Rib:

Classic Beef Au Jus

For a traditional prime rib sauce option, you can never go wrong with beef au jus. “Au jus” (pronounced like “zhoo”), is a French culinary term that means “with juice”. This simple but delicious sauce is an easy way to enhance the flavor of beef by using the meat’s own juices as the base.

In this easy recipe that takes only 5 minutes to do, your prime rib drippings are simply mixed with 3 ingredients to create a delicious addition to the meat. 

Pro tip: Make sure to use a robust red wine that pairs well with a strong beef flavor, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec.  


Homemade Creamy Horseradish Prime Rib Sauce

In many people’s opinions, a horseradish prime rib sauce is the “gold standard” accompaniment for smoked prime rib. This tangy and creamy sauce brings a kick of spiciness without overpowering the natural flavor of the meat. 

For this recipe, you can use either fresh horseradish root or a jar of already-prepared horseradish. The addition of dijon mustard, chives, salt, and pepper help round out the delicious flavor profile of this sauce.


Homemade Bearnaise Prime Rib Sauce


bearnaise sauce for prime rib | prime rib sauce
Source: Platings + Pairings


Another classic prime rib sauce option is bearnaise sauce. Originating from the province of Béarn, France, this herb-rich, tangy, and creamy sauce is loosely related to hollandaise sauce and perfectly compliments the flavor of smoked prime rib. This easy recipe combines the base ingredients of butter, egg yolk, and white wine vinegar with shallot, tarragon, lemon juice, salt, and pepper for a delicious flavor profile. 


Vidalia Onion and Vinegar Sauce

From the classic cookbook Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking, this recipe makes a great sauce for not only smoked prime rib but also beef tenderloin, pork, chicken, and turkey. This sauce has a complex yet balanced flavor profile from the combination of sweet Georgia onions, tangy red vinegar, and dry red wine; pairing very well with the richness of the meat.


Homemade Remoulade Sauce

Do you love creole and cajun flavors? Then try a remoulade sauce with your smoked prime rib! This recipe for homemade remoulade will give you a simple, creamy, and tangy sauce that’ll help elevate the beef flavor of the prime rib perfectly while also providing a little bit of spice. Done in about 5 minutes, this mayonnaise-based sauce combines creole seasoning and mustard with additional seasonings like dill, garlic, salt, and pepper.


Toppings for Prime Rib:

Mushroom Prime Rib Sauce


mushroom prime rib sauce topping | sauces for prime rib
Source: Foodie and Wine


Two things that have always gone well together are beef and mushrooms. This deliciously creamy mushroom prime rib topping capitalizes on that fact. Ready in just 20 minutes, this savory sauce combines caramelized mushrooms (the caramelization is the most important part!), heavy cream, and spices for a delicious addition to your prime rib.


Homemade Cilantro Chimichurri

If you want a Latin twist for your prime rib topping, green chimichurri is a delicious option. This herb-based sauce topping provides a savory complement to the beefy flavor of the meat and, unlike what is commonly assumed, is not spicy at all. This recipe is super easy to make using a blender or food processor and combines ingredients like parsley, cilantro, shallot, olive oil, and other seasonings.


Herbed Compound Butter

If you want to really highlight the robust and beefy flavor of the prime rib without going the sauce route, compound butter is a great option for a prime rib topping. This homemade butter mixture is a combination of softened butter, herbs, and seasonings. Just one spoonful of homemade compound butter on top of smoked prime rib (it will melt quickly!) can give it a special touch without taking the focus off the meat itself.


Complement Your Prime Rib with a Delicious Sauce or Topping

With the recipes listed above, you’ve got some great options to choose from for delicious prime rib sauce and toppings to serve with your smoked prime rib. All of these will help complement and amplify the deliciously beefy flavor of the meat without overpowering it. Feel free to tweak any of the recipes to make them your own. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Make sure to also check out our other blog article on 7 tips on how to smoke prime rib to help ensure you end up with a delicious final result.

Do you have a favorite prime rib sauce or topping? Are you going to try one of these recipes? If so, leave a comment in the box below. We want to hear all about it!


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Feature image source: Self Proclaimed Foodie

Sara Hansen

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