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2023 World Food Live Fire World Champion
Over 35 Combined Grand And Reserve Grand Champions
Reserve Grand Champion IBCA BBQ World Food Championship



Tell All Cooking School

39 Videos Totaling Over 11.5 hours
Get 4 Classes (Brisket, Chicken, Pork Butt, Ribs)
ONLY $599
(SAVE $900)
11.5 HOURS
of online video classes
brisket, chicken, porkbutt, ribs
classes do not expire

Classes From Lee Hickel Of Red Mule's Bad Ass BBQ Team

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Lee's tell-all competition classes like this typically cost over $2000 to attend

This class is not just some backyard BBQ tips, but complete in-depth detailed instructions and recipes on everything you need to cook Championship BBQ.

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Get 4 Classes (Brisket, Chicken, Pork Butt, Ribs)
ONLY $599
(Regularly $1499 - Save $900!)
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Pork Butts


  • "I used the tips and recipes from Joey Smith on the Chicken and landed our first ever 1st Place Chicken"
    Bill Manning
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Lee Hickel Classes

Any First Classes Chosen
Each Additional Class


11 Videos
How To Select & Trim Ribs 29:06
How To Make Rib Injection 9:12
How to Inject Ribs 26:58
Which Rib Rubs To Use & How To Apply 14:12
How To Make Rib Sauce 6:02
How To Build and Manage The Fire 18:46
How To Smoke Ribs 22:55
How To Sauce Ribs 9:17
How To Slice Ribs 20:43
How To Box Competition Ribs 13:37
2022 Updated Rib Recipe 18:34


9 Videos
How To Select & Trim Chicken Halves 36:56
How To Make Chicken Brine 14:28
How To Inject Chicken 22:54
Which Chicken Rubs To Use & How To Apply 17:03
How To Make Chicken Sauce 4:43
How To Build and Manage The Fire 18:46
How To Smoke & Sauce Chicken 13:04
How To Box Competition Chicken Halves 18:00
2022 KCBS Chicken Thigh Trim - Recipe 38:25

Pork Butt

10 Videos
How To Select & Trim Pork Butts 24:03
How To Make Pork Butt Injection 7:52
How To Inject Pork Butt 14:16
Which Pork Butt Rubs To Use & How To Apply 9:37
How To Make Pork Butt Sauce 6:07
How To Build and Manage The Fire 18:46
How to Smoke Pork Butts 28:31
How To Separate Pork Butt Meat 19:36
How To Box Pork Butt 17:21
2022 Updated Pork Butt Recipe 12:55


9 Videos
How To Select & Trim Brisket 39:56
How To Make Brisket Injection 12:42
How To Inject Brisket 16:06
Which Brisket Rubs To Use & How To Apply 13:43
How To Build and Manage The Fire 18:46
How To Smoke Brisket 17:55
How To Sauce Brisket 13:08
How To Slice Brisket & Put In Competition Box 22:36
2022 Updated Brisket Recipe 13:21

Who is Lee Hickel?

Lee Hickel - Red Mule's Bad Ass BBQ
Cooks: Texas BBQ
Competes in: IBCA Sanctioned Events

Lee Hickel is the Pitmaster of the Red Mule's Bad Ass BBQ competition team out of Sinton, TX. While only cooking for 2 years and mastering Texas BBQ, Lee has taken the barbecue world by storm! In his first full year of competing, he was crowned the International BBQ Cookers Association (IBCA) 2019 Cooker Of The Year! An incredible feat to do with over 1500 IBCA members vying for that ultimate award! He finished as the #1 brisket cooker, the #1 rib cooker and #2 chicken cooker overall during the 2019 season! Lee was also ranked as the #8 team in the USA in the Smokin' With Smithfield Challenge.

In October 2019 Lee went head to head with the best BBQ teams in the world while competing at the World Food Championship in Dallas, TX. Lee finished as Reserve Grand Champion in the IBCA BBQ World Food Championship. That secured him a spot in the finals of the World Food BBQ Championship. The next day Lee finished 5th overall, only 1.3 points from 1st place.

His tell-all competition cooking school is going to show you everything you need to know to cook the ultimate backyard BBQ and take your IBCA or KCBS Competition Cooking to a level you have never thought possible. What are you waiting for? Hit the buy button and start cooking like a Champion today!!

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