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Raymond Patterson

2023 2nd overall in the USA Steak Cookoff Association Point Chase
2023 3rd over all Steak Cookoff Association World Championship
2022 Kansas State Champion

Raymond Patterson

OF Patterson's High Voltage Grillin Team

Tell All Cooking School

12 Videos Totaling Over 3 hours!
Get 2 Classes (Steak & Chicken Wings)
ONLY $229

Regularly $279 (SAVE $50)

Raymond Patterson ALL-ACCESS PASS
of online video classes
Steak & Chicken Wings
classes do not expire

Grilling Classes From Raymond Patterson OF Patterson High Voltage Grilling Team

Raymond's tell-all competition grilling classes like this typically cost over $500 to attend

This class is not just some backyard tips, but complete in-depth detailed instructions and recipes on everything you need to cook Championship Ribeye Steak.
These videos can be watched on all these devices
One time purchase, no renewal membership required, Watch Videos Anytime, Classes Do Not Expire

Here are the 12 videos you will get!


6 Videos
How To Select & Trim Steak 22:54
How To Marinade Steak 17:13
Which Steak Rubs To Use & How To Apply 8:19
How To Manage Fire On M16 Grill 14:17
How To Grill Ribeye Steaks 55:41
How To Box Ribeye Steak 8:10

Chicken Wings

6 Videos
How To Select & Trim Chicken Wings 5:49
How To Inject Chicken Wings 6:28
Which Wing Rubs To Use & How To Apply 7:43
How To Cook Chicken Wings 10:51
How To Make Ancillary Box 8:47
How To Box Chicken Wings 10:51
12 Videos Totaling Over 3 hours!
Get Both Classes (Steak & Chicken Wings)

As a BONUS you will also get!!

Keep up to date on changes with recipes/techniques in Raymond's private Facebook group
Ask Raymond questions directly in this group
See or share ideas with other members
One time purchase, no renewal membership required
ONLY $229

Regularly $279 (SAVE $50)

  • "Where to begin! The course I received was complete, in depth, and answered some questions i did not even know i would have."
    Chris Heffron
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Who is Raymond Patterson?

Patterson High Voltage Grilling Team
Competes: Steak Cookoff Association (SCA)
Cook On: M16 Grill

Raymond's 100% tell-all competition steak grilling class is packed full of pro tips, his unique cooking process, and showing you how to use the latest technology to hit doneness every time.  He goes into detail on how to pick out the very best spinalis and tri heart steaks. Then he shows how to marinade, layer on the rubs, give you all the details on fire management on an M16 grill, and how to cook steak to perfection! His class will show you everything you need to take your backyard grilling or SCA competition steak cooking to a level you never thought possible.

Raymond also teaches you how to cook amazing Chicken Wings on the grill. This is a great class not only for the backyard griller but also for those cooking SCA Ancillaries. They are absolutely delicious! As bonus, you will get access to his private Facebook page where you can ask him questions.

This 100% tell-all competition grilling class is going to show you everything you need to know to take your backyard steak grilling or SCA competition steak cooking to a level you have never seen before. What are you waiting for? Hit the buy button and start cooking like Champion today!

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