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Take your backyard BBQ skills to

THE NEXT LEVEL with BBQ Champs Academy!

The World's first Tell-All Online BBQ Cooking School is going to teach you the competition barbecue secrets from the best Grand Champion Pitmasters and Grillmasters around!

Join us for online BBQ cooking classes like you won't find anywhere else.


Tired of cooking BBQ that is dry, tough, lacking flavor, and well quite honestly...


Then let our World Champion BBQ Pitmasters and Steak Grillmasters teach you how they cook their Championship BBQ and Steaks!

Meet the BBQ Pitmasters

Meet the BBQ Grillmasters

Is It Time That You Learn How To Cook Barbecue Like The Pros?

Our step-by-step detailed instructions are provided in our high definition ONLINE BBQ COOKING VIDEOS that can be watched ANYTIME, as many times as you like! Learn at your own pace and never cook bad BBQ again!

One time purchase, no renewal membership required, 24 Hour Access!

Do you want to impress your family and friends at your next backyard cookout or tailgating event?

Our Grand Champion Pitmasters & Grillmasters will share with you all their competition barbecue secrets that have made them the top cooks in the World.  Have you ever wondered what the Pros do to make their barbecue so good? Are you ready to take your backyard BBQ cooking to a level you never thought possible?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our online tell-all Competition BBQ cooking classes are for you!!


See What Others Are Saying...

"Thank you BBQ champs , you have changed the game !!! This is without a doubt the deal of the century for anyone who loves BBQ." - Dave Jones
Our Grand Champion Pitmasters & Grillmasters will reveal to you all the methods, strategies, and techniques they use to win on the BBQ circuit. This will enhance your knowledge and ability to provide award-winning barbecue at your next tailgating event, backyard BBQ, or competition! You'll enjoy BBQ Champs Academy unique learning experience!
  • How to select & trim meats
  • Which rubs to use & how to apply
  • How to mix BBQ sauces
  • How to build & manage the fire
  • How to smoke & grill the meats
  • And much, much more!!
  • Step by step detailed instructions
  • Videos shot in 4K Ultra HD
  • Watch, pause, go back and re-watch at your leisure
  • 24 hour access to the videos
  • Private Facebook page to ask pitmasters questions
  • Ideal for any level of pitmasters experience

Now is the time to enroll in the world's first Tell-All Online BBQ cooking classes!


Are you ready to cook barbecue like the Pros?

Check Out Our New "How To" Section!

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You’ve come to the right place! There’s nothing quite like delicious, tender, smoky ribs. Especially when you can say you cooked them yourself. It’s actually easier than you may think to become the outdoor cooking king or queen of your neighborhood. If you are wanting to learn how to barbecue ribs like the World Champion […]

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