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Alumni Success Stories


July 4

Chris Heffron
recommends BBQ Champs Academy.
"Where to begin. The bbq course I received was complete, in depth, and answered some questions I did not even know I would have. I went thru the Robby Royal brisket course today and watched all 11 videos. Found it to be a great series, and I know it will be helping me reach a new benchmark in my making briskets, even on my little stick burner. I highly recommend the series, and I plan on taking more classes in the future, as I can."
BBQ  Champs Response
Thank you Chris for your feedback on Robby’s brisket class. He really did go into all the details on how to smoke a brisket. His brisket tasted absolutely amazing. Thanks again!

July 7

Larry Duane Anderson
recommends BBQ Champs Academy.
"Anyone looking to take their BBQ game to the next level needs to sign up for a class at BBQ Champs. I’ve been competing for a year now more like struggling to get a call. First competition after signing up 5th place overall out of 29 teams. Brought home enough cash to pay for the class. So if you are struggling or just need some fine tuning. Don’t delay the pro tips alone are worth more than what the class cost. Or you could just keep wasting time on the free You Tube channels like I was. It makes for a relaxing time at awards. Thanks again Mike for putting BBQ CHAMPS together."
BBQ  Champs Response
Congratulations Larry on hitting a 2nd place rib and 8th place chicken at your first cook-off only 1 week after taking Corey Mikes tell-all class. These classes are designed to take backyard BBQ or help the competition Pitmasters take their BBQ to a level they never thought possible. Thank you for proving it really does!

July 12

Dave Jones
recommends BBQ Champs Academy.
"Thank you BBQ champs , you have changed the game !!! This is without a doubt the deal of the century for anyone who loves BBQ . Whether you are a BBQ competitor or a once in a while griller , but especially the backyard BBQer . If you want to up your game and impress family , friends or the neighborhood I suggest you take these classes . Once you purchase them you can watch whenever you want over and over . This class has taken my smoking ( and steak cooking ) to a new level that I would never receive from YouTube or anywhere else , thank you !!"
BBQ  Champs Response
Dave thank you for your feedback on how much you liked the classes. We really had our Pitmasters go in all the details they do to help not only the competition cooker but the backyard BBQ'er as well. With your all access package of Robby's classes and Allen's steak class we hope it will continue to help you in the weeks, months and years to come!

Aug 5

Bill Manning
recommends BBQ Champs Academy.
ORIGINAL POST: "BBQ Champs Academy is great! The pros are forth coming and I have actually talked with Robby and Joey about questions I had. Mike Steele is great at asking questions during the videos as well and he actually called to make sure I got a technical problem resolved getting on the private FB accounts. Awesome feature by the way!! Wasn’t able to make the BBQ comp this weekend so used the opportunity to experiment and incorporate things I have already picked up from the videos! Signed up for Robby’s, Corey’s and Joey’s classes and have been very pleased with the content and access!! These videos are great not only for competition cooks but would be fantastic for the back yard cooks as well!! Well done Pit Masters!!"

UPDATE: BOOM!!! First competition after taking some classes I used the tips and recipes from Joey Smith on the Chicken and landed our first ever 1st Place Chicken!!! It was off the chain!!! Proof is in the results!!
BBQ  Champs Response
Bill thank you for the feedback on the classes! I really wanted to make these classes as informative as possible to help both the backyard and competition Pitmasters. I’m glad you enjoyed all the classes!

Sept 18

Chris Carden
recommends BBQ Champs Academy.
"If you really want to get serious about your bbq and hear your name called I suggest you take some of these classes. I took All 4 of Corey’s classes and followed his recipes the following week in a comp. Finished 2nd Pork, 4th ribs and 5th overall. I have watched them several times and learn little things every time. I’ve also been to many of the top teams classes in person. I believe BBQ Champs is the way to go."
BBQ  Champs Response
Congratulations Chris! I’m glad you have found the video to be informing. All the videos have so much information that you have to watch them several times to pick up on all the techniques the Pitmasters show. Backyard cookers are learning things about BBQ they never thought was possible as well! Thanks for your input on the classes.

Sept 19

Kelvin Thornton
recommends BBQ Champs Academy.
"Just wanted to leave a review here on a course I took. Recently I started looking into SCA steak cooking competitions and decided to watch Shawna Roppolo's BBQ Champs Academy school. This weekend I cooked her steak in the Cook's Choice section of our LSBS BBQ Comp. Turned it in exactly SCA style and got 1st place out of 26 teams entered. Looking forward to my first SCA event in October. Anyone curious about these schools should know they are very detailed and thoroughly explained. Mike Steele does a great job as the interviewer in all the school segments. Mike is a seasoned competition cook himself and asks most all the questions you will have, so you are not just watching and wishing you could ask something. However, after the school, the cooks and Mike have been very quick to respond with any additional questions I have had. I have also taken Joey Smith's school and have been to Robby Royal's school. They are all very gracious people and are perfectionists of their methods. This will take your Backyard BBQ or competition cooking to the next level. It has me. Thanks to you all."
BBQ  Champs Response
Kelvin congratulations on hitting 1st place on the steak the first time out cooking Shawna's steak recipe! Thank you for the feedback on the classes. We try to get as much information for the Pitmasters and Grillmaster as possible. That kind of knowledge is priceless! The techniques they show and the recipes they use show why they are World Champion Pitmasters. I'm so glad you liked the classes. We are always here to help you with any questions! Thanks again!

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