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Sara Hansen

12 Unique BBQ Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

This year has flown by and the holidays are fast approaching. Chances are you might still have family or friends that are asking you what you want for Christmas. They may know you love cooking barbecue but are they actually going to get you something you need and will use? 

As an outdoor cooking fan, you know what you like and what would come in handy. So, you may already have most of the essential accessories you need for every cooking session. You want things that will help you become the pitmaster or grillmaster you aim to be. But, when they ask, it may be hard to pinpoint something to tell them. That’s why we’ve put together this great list of unique BBQ gift ideas you can share. 

Check out the list below for some handy gifts for BBQ lovers, along with some things you may not have even thought of:


Fresh & High-Quality Recipe Ingredients

When you want great tasting barbecue, much of that additional flavor comes down to using high-quality ingredients in your homemade rubs and barbecue sauce. So maybe you’ve got your own recipes down pat (and written down like mentioned above) and you know which ingredients you use a lot of. Or maybe you’re ready to try a new recipe. Why not share what you need with your loved one. A package of those ingredients, fresh and/or high quality, will be very useful.


Top Seasoning Mixes, Rubs, & Sauces

If you’re not opting for homemade, maybe you have a favorite premade seasoning mix or rub, or one you’ve been eyeing to try. Go ahead and ask for that as a gift. It will be great to have it on hand when you’re ready to get cooking next.

There are some great commercial BBQ rubs and seasonings that are Pitmaster and Grillmaster favorites, carried by companies like Lonestar BBQ Pro Shop and Papo Joe’s Grilling Supplies.


Assorted Types Of Wood


types of wood for smoking | bbq gifts | bbq gift ideasSource: B & B Charcoal


Some of the best BBQ smoker gifts will be things that you know will come in handy. Whether you like to use wood chips, chunks, or pellets, you know that good wood is a great way to impart that delicious smoky flavor onto your food. You also know, as a serious outdoor cooker, you’ll be going through a lot of it. 

What better gift than an assortment of different types of your favorite hardwood to cook with, from Hickory to Applewood and anything in between. You can play “mad scientist” and try out different wood and meat combinations and have plenty on hand.


A Good Notebook/BBQ Journal

One thing you may not think of for yourself when it comes to things you need for your outdoor cooking is a good quality notebook or journal. But this can be a very useful and important tool. Serious pitmasters and grillmasters, especially when they are first trying new techniques or recipes, write everything down. 

So, why not have your own BBQ journal. You could even go for a good leather-bound one, which you know will hold up, and have it personalized on the outside. Use it to store all of your homemade barbecue sauce or rub recipes and more.


High-Quality Knives

Ask any serious outdoor cooking expert and chances are, one of their most valued accessories is quality knives. This is especially true when it comes to a boning knife, which is great for trimming your meats. 

The good thing is, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to find high-quality outdoor cooking knives. Many of the top brands sell the knives individually or in sets.


Meat Injector


meat injector | bbq gifts | bbq smoker gifts


When you are mastering how to cook a brisket, one thing you’ll learn is the importance of injecting the meat and how it can help get a delicious and juicy final result. So, if you are going to inject meat, you need the right tools. You want a good quality stainless steel meat injector that holds 2 ounces or more to do the job properly. 


Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

It won’t take long to learn that another very handy barbecuing accessory is good heat resistant gloves. Whether you are grabbing your chimney starter or moving meats around on your grill or in the smoker, gloves that are resistant to high temperatures will be extremely useful. Make sure the ones you are looking at have a non-slip exterior while still allowing your fingers full dexterity.


High-Quality Cooler

Another handy item to have when you start smoking big meats, like a brisket, is a high-quality cooler. With it, you’ll have plenty of room, in an insulated space, to hold your meat at temperature and let it rest. Some great high-quality options even have storage compartments built-in along with a fold-out cutting board.


Wireless Weather Forecast Station


weather forecaster for bbq | bbq gifts | bbq gift ideasSource: WindandWeather.com


Barometric pressure, air temperatures, wind speed, and direction all play a big factor in your outdoor cooking. Having a handheld wireless weather station can give you everything you need to know in one glance. Thus, allowing you to be proactive and make vent adjustments, fuel source adjustments, etc and maintain temperatures without fighting against the elements. 


Welding/Smoker Blanket

We’re coming into the start of winter, but cold weather doesn’t have to deter you from cooking some great-tasting meat. One thing that can definitely help if you are wanting to barbecue or smoke in cold weather is an insulated welding or smoker blanket. These heavy blankets that wrap the exterior of your cooker help keep it warm and dry, helping you maintain proper internal temperatures even in winter weather.

The blankets will still provide enough airflow while protecting your smoker from the cold elements without catching fire.


Tell-All BBQ Cooking Classes

We may be a little biased, but we believe that our tell-all online BBQ cooking classes with our Pitmasters and Grillmasters here at BBQ Champs Academy make one of the best BBQ gifts you could ask for. What better way to learn how to master your grill or smoker and cook like the Champions do than to learn straight from them. With our classes, you’ll learn everything you need to know, step-by-step, plus tons of insider tips and tricks. 

Just tell your family or friends that you want one of our BBQ Champs Academy gift cards. Then you’ll have the freedom to select exactly which outdoor cooking pro you want to learn from, specifically which meats you want to master, or even our All Access Pass.


A New Smoker


pellet smoker | bbq gifts | bbq gift ideasSource: Green Mountain Grills


We’ll round out our list with a big one that would probably be one of any outdoor cookers favorite BBQ gifts. If you have been looking to really elevate your outdoor cooking game, why not up the ante with a new smoker? A perfect example would be if you’ve adapted your kettle grill to work as a smoker. Having a proper smoker, whether it is a pellet smoker, an offset smoker, or another type, can enable you to cook some great tasting barbecue like never before.

Check out our blog post on the different types of smokers to help you determine which kind might be the right fit for you. 


Can you think of some other unique gifts for BBQ lovers? What’s something you hope you’ll find under the tree to use during your next outdoor cooking session? Let us know below. We want to hear from you!

Check out our YouTube channel for the latest videos and insider info. Make sure to hit that subscribe button so you’ll stay up to date on all the latest from BBQ Champs Academy!

Sara Hansen

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