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Sara Hansen

6 Fun Father’s Day Activities To Do With Your Family

One thing that’s for sure is that this Father’s Day will be very different than those of years past. Over the last couple of months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had more opportunity to spend time with our families, spend time outside, and do creative and fun activities. 

Whether you are the father being celebrated or you are celebrating a special Dad in your family, the day will be about more than the gifts that may be given. Spending time with family is just as important, if not more. 

So, to help spark your creativity, we’ve put together a list of some great Father’s Day activities you can do with your loved ones to enjoy the day. (And yes, some of these make great last-minute gift ideas as well!)


Go On A Virtual Tour

Just because you may still be limited on how far you can travel during these times lately, you can still tour places you’ve always dreamed of visiting from the comfort of your home. Dozens of parks, attractions, and famous city streets can be explored through virtual tours in a stunning online experience. Check out this list from Town & Country Magazine for some great virtual adventures you can take. From diving in the Atlantic off the Florida Keys to touring the Catacombs of Paris and everything in between. Some of the greatest art museums in the world are also offering virtual tours. This list from Travel & Leisure will give you some great museums to start with. Take the family exploring all over the world without even leaving your home this Father’s Day.


Search For Clues In A Scavenger Hunt

You don’t need to go far to have some creative, clue-searching fun. You can easily put together a fun scavenger hunt for inside or outside the house. The whole family can take part as you all help each other find the next item. Whether it is looking for teddy bears in the windows of your neighbors, or working together as a team to figure out the riddle that leads to the next item. This list from Parade provides some great scavenger hunts available online that are fun for the whole family. Plus, if you are the one putting the scavenger hunt together for the special Dad, you can have it lead up to his Father’s Day gift at the end.


father's day activities | family scavenger hunt | father's day 2020


Brew Homemade Craft Beer

What is better than your favorite type of beer? Your favorite type of beer that you brewed yourself at home! At-home brewing is easier than you may think and is a fun activity that the family can do together. To get younger kids involved it can easily be turned into a fun science project. There are now a ton of at-home brewing kits, like the ones from Craft A Brew, and you’ll have everything you need to start making your own craft beer. 


Build Something Together

It’s a given, many Dad’s love to get their hands dirty and build things. Why not make it a family activity and work together to build something for and with the kids. Involve the kids every step of the way. From getting your materials and tools together to the actual build and even picking colors (if it’s something you are going to paint). You can build a workbench, a sandbox, or even a treehouse. Check out this great list from Fatherly.com for treehouse plans you can use


father's day activities | father son bonding | father's day 2020


Barbecue Like The Pros As A Family

Yes, the step-by-step online barbecue cooking classes from us here at BBQ Champs Academy make a great activity for the whole family to do together. If the Dad in your family loves to barbecue, a class taught by champion Pitmasters and Grillmasters is a way to help him step his BBQ game up. All while providing an opportunity for the rest of the family to take part and spend some quality time together learning something new. You can check out the easy-to-follow recipes included in the backyard barbecue cooking classes. For the dad’s who really want to up their BBQ skills, you can dive in and tackle a smoked brisket or ribs like the professional pitmasters in the tell-all Pitmaster classes, or master a perfectly grilled steak in the champion Grillmaster classes.

We’ve made it easy to give our classes as a gift on our gift card page!


Father’s Day Movie Night

After a fun-filled (or relaxing) day, you can settle in and make Father’s Day a movie night and play screen some favorites. Or, if you (or the special Dad being celebrated) are a movie buff, this can be the main event of the day. A selection of movies from a favorite director or a favorite series of movies can be screened. There are also some great Father’s Day-themed movies, like the ones outlined in this list from Woman's Day, from all different genres that you can stream.


father's day activities | family movie night | father's day 2020


Have Fun With Family-Friendly Father's Day Activities This Year

These are just a few ideas of fun, creative Father's Day activities and ways to have fun with the whole family. All without having to leave the house for long. There may be a shift in the way Father’s Day is celebrated this year, but you can still create a day full of memories with your family and enjoy the time together. 

If you are still looking for some gift ideas, check out this great Father’s Day gift list.

Sara Hansen

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