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Took Matt’s class went from being always 11-13 place got 5th last comp Missed golden ticket by .1 great class

After cooking and competing in all these steak competitions do you enjoy going out and eating a good steak?

Evening, Marissa! Loved your class, my wife and I learned a lot of new techniques.

Exactly what I did Mike, took notes on the classes I took, compared them, and found some commonality

going to texas for the first time...rain gear is a good idea..!!!

The classes work. Just one my first contest in just my 4th event.

Buy these backyard dishes with the class. Amazing ancillary ideas.

Mike, Arica and I have some Canopies and tables for any cooks coming in for the World Championships.

In colder weather do you pull your steaks at higher Temps or keep it the same year round?

The Best spot is next to the team that has the biggest bar and Music

Take notes and more notes. I have a notebook dedicated to just these classes

😯 oh maybe I'll take your offer on the canopy and tables

I like your lighting Marissa, very elegant

What does BBQ A have in store for World's? Any more Clash of the Titans filming???

I was lookin on SCA's website, not many steak cookoffs near my area

Completely random question. As technical as you are, are you majoring in engineering?

I don’t have a question but wanted to say it was great seeing the Champ at Steaknado Texas Championship. Of course, Marissa did awesome that weekend 👏 Looking forward to seeing you at World’s 🏆

HI, I heard you say you had an RV in the lot but had your steak trailer in another lot. You can cook from the RV lot correct? Is the RV lot far away? Just cooking ancillary, judging Sunday. Looking forward to tasting your steak on Sunday. GOOD LUCK!

Marissa is an awesome cook and even better friend!!

Hey Mike and everyone, this is gonna be a good one.

Thanks Mike Excited to see you, Marissa Matt and y'all

Ribs on the smoker as we speak, for a buddy retiring

Marissa and I do a girls clash of the titans!

Having fun is the most important thing!

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Join us TONIGHT at 7pm CST as we talk with the 2020 SCA World Champion, Marissa Ouverson.  We will be doing a live Q & A about all things steak along with her giving some tips on how to prepare for the World Championship! Going to be a great show. Dont miss it!

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Yay!! Love this chicka!!

6 days ago
BBQ Champs Academy

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Congratulations mike !!!

What did i miss? Sorry i was selling my trailer lol

I love cooking BCA events!

Gerry did well last night in SCA too

Great job lee

3 walks is good!


there we go

What up lee? Gsl

whoo hooo, Mike!

way to go, Lee!!!!!

right on!

2 walks!😀😀

yeah, STEVE!!!

thanks y'all

Hi Mike.Hey Lee Hickel

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The very little hair you have left looks gray. LOL congrats on the seventh Place chicken

Good luck everyone! Wish I could've been there!

Could be the point you need to win grand.

Do they not announce names or something

Ok I thought it was just me that lost sound

Lol I had to dig my truck out of the sbow

Good luck !!

How do u feel about your cook?

I'm good how are you

Good luck Mike!!

Congratulations Mike

Congrats, Mike!

Good luck

Congrats Mike

Good job Brutha

No sound here either

No sound

No sound

Where is this at

Sound off?!

Hi Mike !

Ok thank you

Hey Mike!!!

Hello hello

Better !

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Hey Jody Davis! Great seeing you again my friend! Jody is one of the good guys! He and his wife are so sweet and some of the best! 💯

SCA family is top notch! Brandon and I are blessed to have the SCA in our lives ❤️

Great show tonight! Always great seeing our SCA family on the show ❤️

Love steak church! Definitely the highlight of the day for us

Jody, Lori and Maddie are the nicest folks in the SCA and great competitors.

What an experience to see Lori and Jody compete in the ancillary category!!!

Jody and Lori, always cook up something wonderful when we visit! Lori is my Sister and we miss being around them, but they always always make our visit home special

Steak church is always a blessing to start the day at any event. It has been an awesome experience to share and time to fellowship with each other

The end of the 2021 SCA season was awesome because we had the chance to meet so many cooks from across the country for the very first time.

Those ancillary classes are great to amaze your in laws. Just saying I used them this past weekend 😂

Great show! Jody Davis and Lori Davis, we will see you in Carrollton !!

Watching Terry is very methodical...He is very skilled and an awesome cook

Great show Mike and Jody!!

Ooh, I love to hear you're a pastor, and leading people to our Savior Jesus Christ

Cook time will vary depending on if you are a hot and fast cook or a low and slow cook

What is your #1 piece of advice for a first attendee at the World's?

Do they provide you with steaks at the competition or do u get your own?

Jody and Lorie are great ambassador’s to Team B Xtreme !!

Congratulations to you and Lori great weekend!

Jody Davis Steak Church is amazing.

Proud of Lori, you guy’s are just good people .

Jody is an excellent mentor

Great show tonight. Congratulations Jody

Hey Mike, hey everyone. Looking forward to tonight

We are here! Good evening everyo ne!

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Join us TONIGHT at 7pm CST as we talk with Jody Davis of Amen Q. Jody is coming of a BIG 1st place win in steak and 1st place in ancillary. We will be doing a live Q & A about all things steak as everyone is starting to prepare for the World Championship. Going to be a great show. Dont miss it!

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Jody, listened to most of your Q & A. Great job! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and Lori on the next steps of this!!!

Jody Davis is all things amazing!

If you are looking for a new grill...look no further! This is the grill of Champions!🏆
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