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Ty Machado

2018 #1 SCA Cooker at the World Food Championship
Food Network's Kids BBQ Championship
Many SCA Top 10 Finishes

Ty Machado

Tell All Cooking School

10 Videos Totaling Almost 2 hours!!
Get 2 Classes (Ribeye Steak & Pork Belly)
ONLY $179

Regularly $199 (SAVE $20)

of online video classes
Ribeye Steak and Pork Belly
classes do not expire

Classes From Ty Machado

Ty's tell-all competition classes like this typically cost over $500 to attend

This class is not just some backyard tips, but complete in-depth detailed instructions and recipes on everything you need to cook Championship Ribeye Steak.
These videos can be watched on all these devices
One time purchase, no renewal membership required, WATCH VIDEOS ANYTIME!

Here are the 10 videos you will get!

Ribeye Steak

5 Videos
How To Select & Trim Ribeye Steak 11:48
Which Ribeye Steak Rubs To Use & How To Apply12:31
Which Type Of Grill To Use & Fire Management 9:25
How To Grill Ribeye Steak 22:42
How To Box Competition Ribeye Steak 8:27

Pork Belly

5 Videos
How To Select & Trim Pork Belly 9:08
Which Rubs To Use & How To Apply 12:08
How To Smoke Pork Belly 7:07
How To Glaze Pork Belly 6:51
How To Slice Pork Belly 13:22
10 Videos Totaling ALMOST 2 hours!
Get Both Classes (Ribeye Steak & Pork Belly)

As a BONUS you will also get...

Keep up to date on changes with recipes/techniques in Ty's private Facebook group
Ask Ty questions directly in this group
See or share ideas with other members
One time purchase, no renewal membership required
ONLY $179

Regularly $199 (SAVE $20)

  • "Where to begin! The course I received was complete, in depth, and answered some questions i did not even know i would have."
    Chris Heffron
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Who is Ty Machado?

#1 SCA cooker at the World Food Championship
Competes: Steak Cookoff Association (SCA)

At the young age of just 13, Ty Machado appeared on the Food Network's Kids BBQ Championship. It was after that TV show that Ty began competing seriously in 2016. That year he traveled to 22 BBQ competitions, consistently beating men who devote every ounce of their free time and disposable income to competition barbecue. At just 16 years old, Ty Machado was quickly becoming a BBQ phenomenon. But in 2017 Ty switched gears and started competing in the SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) and once again made a name for himself.

Ty’s first steak competition happened by accident. His father entered to cook for a celebrity cook-off but became too busy with work, so Ty took over. He competed against some of the biggest names that cook in BBQ and Ribeye Steak competitions. Ty absolutely refused to use a thermometer to temp his steak and his dad had prepared a big lecture for him, but Ty placed fourth and his father ate his words. The next night Ty competed against the Top 50 cooks in the SCA and placed third. He won $750 that weekend and has never looked back at his decision to only cook in steak competitions. Ty has continued to compete in the SCA with many top 10 finishes. The highlight of his career came in 2018 when he finished as the #1 SCA cooker at the World Food Championship. That gave him the #1 cooking spot on the podium at the kitchen stadium at the WFC where he finished 7th overall!

His tell all competition steak cooking school is going to show you everything you need to know to take your backyard grilling, tailgating parties, or SCA competition steak cooking to a level you never thought was possible. He will even show you how to smoke an amazing Pork Belly! What are you waiting for? Select the meats you want to learn how to cook, hit the buy button and start cooking like Champion today!

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